Building Material Auctions

When you want to save some money on building materials, you might want to consider a building material auction. There are several options for interested contractors or home owners. There are live auctions, online auctions, online catalogs, and demolition auctions.

If you choose to go to a live auction, be prepared to bring your trucks and some help to haul your purchases home. Live auctions can last a couple of days and may include large quantities of brand name items. Often two or three rings are selling at the same time and you will be able to purchase a large variety of building products for pennies on the dollar. You can find windows, doors, hardwood flooring, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, tile flooring, and sometimes appliances and tools. They also carry a large selection of siding and deck materials and all kinds of lumber. Sounds like a handymanís paradise, doesnít it?

Online auctions allow you to view a wider variety of materials than you can see at a live auction. You can do it all from the comfort of your home or office. They often offer exotic wood flooring and all kinds of machinery in addition to the typical building supplies. Anyone can bid at an online auction. You will need to get a user name and password and be approved before the auction and then let the bidding begin.

Online auction catalogs have a huge variety of items that you can browse when looking for building materials. There are all kinds of interior and exterior doors, cabinetry, windows, bathroom fixtures, lighting options, wood and tile flooring, and outdoor furniture and patio accessories. Most major credit cards are accepted. If you have purchased kitchen cabinets for example, at a live auction; you may want to check out the catalog for additional pieces and accessories.

Demolition auctions showcase materials removed from buildings before they are demolished or remodeled and offering them for sale. In years past, most of this material would have been burned or ended up in a landfill, when in fact, a lot of things are perfectly fine to reuse. Of course there are things to consider when buying materials from a very old building. Sometimes hazardous materials such as lead paints and asbestos were used and you will need to check with a professional about protecting yourself from this. The EPA has a number of brochures about recycling these materials safely.

Think about checking out building material auctions the next time the remodeling bug strikes you. You may be surprised at the variety of products available and the amount of money you can save. Enjoy the search; you just may find a treasure.


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